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Radio Santec - English

Not a Religion — The Free Spirit

Radio Santec – SOPHIA TV is an international and independent Original Christian radio and TV station. The content of the programs examines the most diverse areas of life from the perspective of high ethics and morality, as expressed in the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus, as well as in the divine revelations given through all the true prophets of God — from Abraham to Gabriele. Over all of these stands, “Not a Religion — The Free Spirit.” The formats and series include divine revelations, inner devotionals, meditations, schooling hours and readings, roundtable discussions, programs on the environment, the protection of animals and nature, children’s programs, nature documentaries and programs on topics concerning health, as well as excerpts from classical concerts.


Website: https://radio-santec.com/en/

E-Mail: info@radio-santec.com