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Radio Shun.es

Romani - World - Dance

Radio Shun.es is an international cultural and community radio made by people with different minority backgrounds. Its aim is to help civil movements to create more inclusive, healthier, livable societies and environments. Its musical profile focuses mainly on Romani, world and electronic music. Shun.es would like to create a common platform of various musical genres, artists and their followers, thus bringing them, their countries and cultures closer to each other. ‘Shunes’ means “Do you listen?” or “Listen!” in Romani language. We respect religions, worldviews, inclusive religious groups based on universal love and fraternity. We stand in solidarity with other minority groups, eg. with sexual minorities. We consider the feminist and transfeminist movements as one of our main allies. We are openly looking for applications from organizations, bloggers, activists, and content creators who would contribute to any of these goals, who would further color the Radio Shun.es program palette.


  • Berlin : Online


Website: http://shun.es

Adresse: 12055 Berlin, Kanner Str. 8

E-Mail: radio@shun.es